Israel Moves

One sunny day, as a part of a secretive government operation, the State of Israel moves from its place in the Middle East and becomes an island off the Italian coast. A group of close friends goes on an adventure that uncovers a mystery involving the Israeli Prime Minister, an ancient prophecy, and three sacred books.

”Israel Moves” reflects the spicy Mediterranean character and portrays the story of a true friendship and a heroic mission with grandiose consequences.

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A superstar architect who swore to never build again must build the most grandiose temple the world has ever seen, but after he fails to stop the pretentious project from happening, decides to make an example out of this temple and teach the world a lesson.

Pages: 105 | Genre: Drama | Language: English

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Sample 4

The Angel of God They met at the ornate temple atop the Mountain of Tranquility. “Got a light?” Archangel Gabriel asked the high-priest. “I don’t smoke,” answered the priest. “It makes my teeth yellow.” “He’s got personality,” thought the archangel. He closed his eyes and …

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Sample 3

The Three Books Fifty years previously, Benjamin Selterra, who would one day become Prime Minister, had gazed into his father’s flashing eyes. Joshua Selterra’s trembling hands caressed the books that he so protectively held. He gestured for young Benjamin to take them from his open …

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Sample 2

An average-looking man stood in the center of the room. He waved his average-looking hands and nodded his average-looking head, before giving an absolutely average analysis of the situation. The room was the Cabinet’s meeting room, and the man was Prime Minister Benjamin Selterra. All …

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Sample 1

Land in Sight As I passed the southern marina structure, I could already sense that something was different; an enormous crowd had gathered on the beach. Thousands of excited people all stood mesmerized, staring in amazement at the horizon. I stood still and stared along …

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