Israel Moves

One sunny day, as a part of a secretive government operation, the State of Israel moves from its place in the Middle East and becomes an island off the Italian coast. A group of close friends goes on an adventure that uncovers a mystery involving the Israeli Prime Minister, an ancient prophecy, and three sacred books.

”Israel Moves” reflects the spicy Mediterranean character and portrays the story of a true friendship and a heroic mission with grandiose consequences.

Letters from Readers

An intriguing Plot, absorbing and devious, that was read while holding my breath; I almost had an asthma attack. The complete package gives us a very interesting story, surprising and challenging. Most Interesting for me was the comprehensive metaphysical knowledge that was given a historical hue. Now I can’t wait for the next volume. The book ends as if there will be a sequel, because the parchment has yet to be deciphered.
Amit W.

The story of a nation that was located in a rough neighborhood, and not anymore. Though it deals with serious issues, it’s not a heavy read. I set down last night and read the book cover to cover. Exciting, fast-paced… flows from the first line to its surprising ending. I recommend it a lot.
Jonah R.

The inciting incident of the plot, which is the sailing of Israel from its place, is brilliant; a satirical solution to our problems in the Middle East. This original idea is greatly sewed into a humoristic story that I simply could not let go.

For those of you interested in a good refreshing book to read, something that would not look like millions of other books you have already read, go ahead and try this one.
Ilan R.