Sample 1

Land in Sight

As I passed the southern marina structure, I could already sense that something was different; an enormous crowd had gathered on the beach. Thousands of excited people all stood mesmerized, staring in amazement at the horizon.

I stood still and stared along with the rest of them.

A large continent had appeared that morning ten miles off the Israeli coast.

In hindsight, for the sake of accuracy, it should be stated that it had been Israel that appeared that morning ten miles off the coast of some large continent.

The wind calmed down until it ceased completely.

Gal stood up and surveyed the horde of people.

“Let’s go check it out,” he declared and hopped off the boulder onto the burning sand. He leaped towards a shaded area and headed off to the water’s edge.

Within ten minutes we found ourselves immersed in a large group of people who had one thing in common, the desire to know what the hell was going on.

The monstrous block of land settled in a permanent position on the horizon.

“Great visibility, you can see all the way to Cyprus,” someone roared in Gal’s ear.

“It’s the new floating shopping mall,” announced the lifeguard’s girlfriend, Maya.

The following ideas weren’t much better.

At one point a little macho wannabe approached Ron and asked, “Hey dude, did you

catch that?”

“Catch what? What’s going on?” Ron asked.

“We set sail, man! The entire country set sail,” exclaimed the little poser, “We’re in fuckin’ Italy!”

Ron waved his hand and retorted, “Go home, kid,” and the offended little wannabe left and we stopped asking questions.

Ron was a pilot and pilots have no patience for useless blather.