Sample 3

The Three Books

Fifty years previously, Benjamin Selterra, who would one day become Prime Minister, had gazed into his father’s flashing eyes. Joshua Selterra’s trembling hands caressed the books that he so protectively held. He gestured for young Benjamin to take them from his open hands.

Joshua looked up to the heavens, and his voice shook. “I, Joshua Selterra, descendant of the holy dynasty, have the honor today to pass on the secretive holy books to my son, Benjamin Selterra, last of the messengers and fulfiller of destiny.”

Benjamin looked at his father with worry. “Dad, have you completely lost it?”

“Shhh…,” replied Joshua calmly.

“The time has come, my dear son. I must tell you who you are.” He motioned for Benjamin to sit and sat next to him, laying a gentle hand on Benjamin’s knee.

“My boy, as strange as it may sound, you are currently holding two out of three of the most important books on the face of the earth. Unfortunately, the third book had been lost forever. Son, I know that the story I’m about to tell you will sound a little farfetched; when your grandfather passed the books onto me, almost fifty years ago, I also considered having him committed.”

A bird flew into the shed and landed on a storage cabinet.

Some Inheritance

“Benjamin, fantastical as it may sound, you are the descendant of an ancient dynasty; a lineage that has lasted since the beginning of mankind. The dynasty bears a great secret and has designated you, my son, to reveal it to the world.” Joshua grasped Benjamin’s shoulder and breathed deeply. “But let me start off by telling you about the three books.”