Sample 4

The Angel of God

They met at the ornate temple atop the Mountain of Tranquility.

“Got a light?” Archangel Gabriel asked the high-priest.

“I don’t smoke,” answered the priest. “It makes my teeth yellow.”

“He’s got personality,” thought the archangel. He closed his eyes and made a mental note to grant the priest a point in his favor. He then wrote it down so he wouldn’t forget.

Gabriel spread his wings and leapt onto the altar.

“Why are you doing evil in the eyes of the Lord?” he roared. His eyes flared at the humbled priest.

The priest got down on his knees. He felt the freezing floor beneath him and looked up at the angel of God. “We tried to speak to their hearts,” he said painfully, “but they weren’t ready to listen. We tried to admonish them and to dissuade them from their evil ways but they just scorned us, the priests. They even laughed at our clothes. They are so proud they believe their power equals that of the Lord himself.”

The archangel struck a pillar in the temple. “Earthly slime!” he thundered, and the meek priest flinched with fear.

“No, not you… You’re actually okay,” Gabriel hastened to clarify.

“Equal to God, are they?” Gabriel seethed, his angry voice booming throughout the land, “Wonderful!” He jumped down off the altar. “If that’s the case, let’s see them stand up to the test!”